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A1E Exteriors LLC is the leading choice for siding repair and replacement. We offer many different exterior siding options for our clients here in the SW Washington and Vancouver metro areas. A1E Exteriors LLC is a trusted and reputable siding company. We specialize in siding replacement and residential siding repair. Let us solve all your siding problems!

How can I tell if my siding is in need of repairs?

Sometimes it’s obvious. With things like LP siding you can see mushrooms growing on the bottom of the siding.  Other times it’s a bit more subtle. Like when the James Hardi siding isn’t installed with the proper flashings and you end up with rotted trim boards. Those trim boards could be hiding a much more significant problem, rotted structure.  If you can see green moss, or sometimes mushrooms growing on the wood trim of your houses siding, check the caulking. Most likely it’s cracked and letting water get behind the siding.  Often times when this is happening the sheer wall (OSB or plywood behind the Hardi) is already starting to rot and so are the studs behind that.  So what could have and should have been a quick, easy and inexpensive fix, might become a multi thousand repair if left unaddressed too long.

The things you want to look for are caulking that is cracked and pulling away from the siding & trim.  Moss and or fungi growing on any surface.  Soft spots or cracks in the siding. Exposed underlayments.

If you have vinyl siding, it can be much harder to find the actual problems because the vinyl hides almost everything.  But it’s not uncommon for an entire wall to have dry rot/mold issues behind what looks like a totally fine wall.  The reason being, if you have one bad flashing, water will get behind the vinyl and start to rot out the wood structure behind the vinyl. And the vinyl won’t show any signs of damage until the wall rots through on the inside. 

Regardless of the materials your home is clad in. (Wood, fiber cement, vinyl, etc.) check for caulking and cracks. Those are your primary “tells”.  If you see any of these things?  Call us. We can help.

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